Committee members sitting around table with documents in front of them

Workforce Development

Attract, Train, and Retain Skilled Workers

Workforce Development Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of this committee has been integrated in with PetroChemWorks (PCW) that is supported by East Harris County Manufacturing Association (EHCMA) and Association of Builders and Constructors (ABC). To provide a forum where industry can address contractor / owner workforce issues and influence methods to attract, train, and retain skilled workers.



The efforts of this WFD committee are integrated into the PetroChemWorks (PCW) Sub-committees. These committees meet at various time and places. If you would like to participate in one of the follow PCW sub-committee, please contact us for the dates and times. PetroChemWorks Sub-Committees include Training, Data Management & Analysis, Regional Advisory, and Outreach & Events.

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